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    MBA Beachcam sponsored by:
    MBA BeachCam:
    This is mounted on an oceanfront home in Middlesex Beach, DE. It has a wireless connection to the house's router, which isn't always reliable.
    When things are working, its pictures can be viewed by anyone who stumbles across this site. MBA Members can receive special access, providing an improved refresh rate from the camera, and a slightly clearer picture. Click HERE for info.

    Viewers are able to view AND CONTROL the camera via several different methods:
    STILL PHOTOS: The most recent still photo can be viewed here
  • When the camera detects motion, it snaps a photo; those are available starting here. Note that if it's raining, water running down the camera's enclosure can trigger a motion detection.
  • Recent (the last few days or so) still photos are available starting here; these are numbered 1-9 in the links at the top of most live pages.
  • Archived "keeper" photos can be viewed starting here; these are numbered 88-100 in the links at the top of most live pages

  • You can also view streaming video and control the camera via a few different pages, but no matter what you MUST first access the camera via THIS LINK. This will allow your browser to download some (REALLY old) necessary Active X software. You may see only a grey screen until you are prompted to do the download. (Sometimes you must refresh the page to get this to work right).
  • When you drive the camera, please don't aim it at the sun for too long. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the camera does return to its default position (which I do vary according to the season and where I think the sun will show up).

  • In late 2011, the MBA was approached by a community member who wished to place a small ad on the webcam page in exchange for offsetting some of the costs of providing this service. Starting in January 2012, we are placing this ad in the upper right corner of as many of the various webpages that relate to the live cam as possible. The ad for M & M Computer Services will run exclusively for 6 months, at which point we can accept other similar advertising and change the rate.

    For more information about this service, please visit this page.

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