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  • Monday noon-
    All things considered, Middlesex faired quite well. There is no doubt our beach has lost sand, but, continuing the trend since the area-wide 2008 replenishment, much of this sand has been blown against our dune fencing and settled just behind it.

    This wasn't much of a rain event, but mostly a wind event. The 72 hours of persistent NE winds (30mph with gusts reported into the 50's) brought down several trees on the pineside, taking out power lines along Short and landing on 2 houses. In neither case did the tree penetrate the roof or cause what I would call significant damage. There are a few trees on MBA property that are now leaning precariously (and it's evident from looking at the root ball that they're not going to stay up much longer). RPM is attempting to contact the owner of an additional tree that is likely to come down, most likely taking power lines with it.

    3 sections of fence along Beach Plum were blown off their posts, and have been repaired. Broken branches in the ornamental plants along Beach Plum will be addressed by Sposato this week. Additionally, Sposato has confirmed that they have many days of labor stored up, and will be doing ditch clearing this week and next.
    Sunday 8AM-
    Beachside: A few loose roof shingles, but nothing major. Dunes not really threatened during any of the 5 high tide cycles since Thursday, and more sand has accumulated at the base of the dune rope line and behind the first fence row.
    And on the walkways.
    Shockingly, at least 90% of the Sea Colony border dune is still in place, as is most of the one at the SB end.
    The high tides unfortunatley have NOT taken away a large tangled mass of dune fence and posts that somebody north of us was kind enough to send our way Friday night.
    Our beach from the south end Sunday morning
    Tide coming in; click for larger photo
    There is lots of small debris on our beach, but it appears to be mostly sections of dune fencing/posts and handrails from north of us. There do not APPEAR to be any boards with protruding nails, but those walking on the beach (which is quite accessible except at high tide) should be extremely careful.
    Another use for the new plow blade on Dennis:
    Looking north and south from near the Addy Road dune crossing Sunday 8AM
    Another tree caught by a roof-this one on Sunday morning
    "Excuse me, Mr. Nor'Easter. When you bring down that large tree right next to the back door, can you arrange to drop it BETWEEN the 2 rooflines, but have it slide gently down one of them and stop just before it takes out the air conditioner. And please also spare the satellite dish." Rather fortunate, I'd say. Damaged the gutter on the back of the house, but that's about it. It's been removed (by Veteran Tree and Landscape).
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    SATURDAY, October 17 from 5-7 PM
    at the home of Ellen Throop and Mike McLaughlin

    14 Errett Road

    Members with last name beginning with
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    Sign up with Mary Byrd to host a Happy Hour in 2016.

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  • Middlesex Beach is on the lower Delaware coast of the Atlantic Ocean near Bethany Beach. It is located just north of South Bethany, and south of Sea Colony. The short business strip along DE 1 (Long&Foster, McDonald's, South Bethany Seafood, China Express, Resort Quest etc.) is in our community.
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